Patsy Lortie, MEd, RN, ADS, RP 

Registered Psychotherapist

(416) 807-1224

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I have provided psychotherapy for clients with many diagnosis including: trauma; addictions; grief and loss; chronic medical conditions; stress and coping; interpersonal relationships; diverse identities, life changes, etc. My extensive background and experiences have contributed to my comfort and ongoing work with clients and family members regarding the challenges that they face daily in their lives. I welcome all questions regarding your interest in psychotherapy, personal needs and goals and look forward to discussing this potential with you.

I have experience with the impact of trauma in lives, and resiliency that occurs. Additionally, I have an interest in working with those impacted by Compassion Fatigue/Vicarious Trauma in professionals employed in front-line employment (nurses,etc.) I have a certificate as a 'Compassion Fatigue Specialist'; and experience providing 'Critical Incident Debriefing' following events.

I am experienced in providing educational/didactic workshops, and experiential seminars, etc. for individuals, family members, and professionals. I am excited to offer group work that includes themes as: Trauma and Addictions (process group); Women and Life Transitions,Family Education (Addictions), Addictions Educational Workshop, Family Support Group, Front-Line and Compassion Fatigue (process group), etc.